Our Story

Crimson Bear Coffee came about as a natural progression of our family's obsession with coffee. Papa Bear comes from a Swedish background, and from about age 6, has enjoyed a morning cup every day. The rest of the den came on board at varying ages, but the love of good coffee is rock solid across the board.

After a long and tumultuous affair with Starbuck's and Peet's, we began to wonder if there was something beyond their burned, bitter brew. While reading about coffee on the internet one night, fate (or perhaps Google) brought us to the Sweet Maria's home roasting site. That random click led to scouring thrift stores for the perfect air (popcorn) poppers, and literally hundreds of pounds of beans being roasted in the yard, with chaff flying, smoke billowing, and the occasional small fire.

Fast forward about seven years, and that places us in 2015. We gifted a few bags of roasted goodness to our coffee fanatic friends, and the reviews were encouraging.

So...we decided it was time to bring our coffees to the world. And Crimson Bear became a thing. And how, you ask, did we come up with the name Crimson Bear? Well you see, Brother Bear is, as they say, fleet of feet. Okay, he's just damn fast. He earned a spot on the University of Alabama Crimson Tide track team and ran there for four years. His sister, the Baby Bear, rows crew for UC Berkeley's Golden Bears. So we've got the Crimson and we've got the Bear. Aren't you glad you asked? Oh, you didn't? Oops.

We're committed to bring you the freshest, most delicious coffee you've ever had. We roast the best beans we can lay our paws on, and we get those beans from our roaster to you in a matter of hours-not weeks like other folks.

We encourage you to try a bag of our coffee, and if it isn't the best you've ever had, we'll buy it back.

Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you soon.

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